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Hi, I’m Anik, I’m a 37 year old Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author, Investor, Car Nut &
To-Be” Pilot. I’ve done, learned and mastered a lot.

  • I’ve made an IMDB feature film (spoof of James Bond)
  • I’ve sold $300M in products.
  • I’ve failed a lot.
  • I like cars, flying planes & cooking...
  • I’m pretty good at marketing.
  • I invest in real estate, stocks & crypto...
  • I’m married to an amazing woman.

So, all in all, I’ve got stuff inside my head & I want to share it. But, beware. It’s edgy. It’s random. There’s no customer support. It’s just me talking. And don’t worry, no promotions - I got nothing to sell.

So, if you dare...give me your Email address:

By the way, I copied this landing page style from Ryan Lee. Why? Because Iím lazy and itís fun to troll him. Check him out at